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New Class I Insulation Spray Polyurethane Foam Systems Announced by Rhino Linings

San Diego, CA (August 2, 2010) – Rhino Linings Corporation,, a global provider of industrial and residential protective polyurethane, polyurea, polyaspartic and epoxy coatings is excited to announce two new products: Rhino® SPF 0.50, an open cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and Rhino SPF 2.0, a closed-cell, spray polyurethane foam Insulation systems. Both products utilize an EPA-approved, zero ozone-depleting, blowing agent.

With a density of 0.50 pcf (8.0 kg/m3) and 2.0 pcf (32 kg/m3) respectively, Rhino SPF 0.50 and 2.0 are primarily used in commercial and residential construction applications where thermal insulation, moisture and air infiltration and/or added structural properties are required. These products can be installed in most standard construction configurations using common materials such as wood and wood products, metal and concrete. Rhino SPF 0.50 and 2.0 perform successfully when sprayed onto wood substrates down to 40°F (-4°C). Using Rhino Linings Spray Wall Foam Insulation can bring you up to 20 LEED Credits or more.

These products are 100% solids (Zero VOC) and carry a Class I (ASTM E-84) fire rating with low flame and smoke spread. They are applied at 1:1 ratio using a high pressure, plural component spray equipment at a rate of 3/4" (1.9cm) to 2" (5.0cm) per pass. Rhino SPF 2.0 offers insulation value of R-6 or greater per inch of thickness, while Rhino SPF 0.50 offers an insulation value of R-3.0 or greater per inch of thickness.

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