The Rhino Linings Epoxy division is rebuilding and re-powering America by providing standard and custom formulations used to create create product-driven system solutions. Our Epoxy division has more than 80 custom formulations for resins, hardeners, systems and civil engineering applications. In addition to the production of many custom formulations, the epoxy division also specializes in the development of high performance matrix resins for use in CIPP and carbon fiber applications.

Typical Rhino Linings™ epoxy applications include:

  • Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP)
  • Aerospace & Aircraft Protection
  • Wind Energy Composites & Adhesives
  • Concrete Repair
  • Skis, Snowboards, Surfboards
  • Marine Construction




Whether you require a bulk trailer or a five-gallon pail, Rhino Linings epoxy coatings offer quality and consistency at a cost-effective price. To learn more, visit the Rhino Linings Epoxy division website, or use our global directory to locate a Rhino Linings epoxy coating distributor in your country.